Technology Transfer, Enterprise & Empowerment



Technology Transfer, Enterprise & Empowerment

Placing women at the heart of bringing light to their communities, creating a place of learning, discovery and transformation for poor rural women living on less than $1.20 a day. who have never had access to formal education. A centre where indigenous wisdom and skills are celebrated and valued. Believing that access to light enables all development. Committed to catalysing transformation of poor rural communities, able to sustain and manage their own initiatives into the future, creating stronger civil society, better educational outcomes for their children and sustainable economic independence for women.




ONE WOMAN at a time, ONE VILLAGE at a time, ONE COUNTRY at a time…...


Wanawake Kupanda is an indigenous, registered NGO working in the areas of solar electrification, rainwater harvesting and livelihood development with the women of several North Zanzibar communities. Meagan Fallone began Wanawake Kupanda as a vehicle to supporting the capacity building of rural Zanzibari women. Equipping them to take up more responsibility for the quality of life in their communities, develop their entrepreneurial skills and to support their journey to empowerment through knowledge transfer across literacy barriers. A deep collaboration with The Barefoot College ( and Giving Women ( has trained more than 13 Barefoot Women Solar Engineers and inspired the support from the highest levels of Government.




East Africa regional Vocational Training Center

Wanawake Kupanda carries out all daily operational tasks and manages all residential training courses.

Community meeting with village elders

Community meeting with village elders

Community Implementation

Zanzibar & pemba

Steadfastly dedicated to capacity building locally to develop sensitive and competent community teams who have the trust and confidence of local communities and a long term commitment to them. The Barefoot College is a place of opportunity for those with enthusiasm and passion to learn. We do not consider formal education or certifications as barriers to becoming part of our team!  


Sarah Zachs conducting sewing workshop

Income Generation

Tailoring, Beekeeping, Basketmaking & more

Developing Barefoot Professionals: Confident and Competent. we seek to build confidence and enthusiasm for lifelong learning in women who have been denied the opportunity of formal education, allowing them to bring the skills they already possess to new skill sets. We find this approach of respect and side by side learning works to catalyse the best choice of livelihood skill development leading to immediate economic uplift. Underpinning this is simultaneous rights based and financial literacy trainings that create a sound framework for self reliance and confidence.

Fatma Juma conducting a women's focus group in Pemba village

Monitoring & Evaluation

Digital cloud based Barefoot M&E Real time Impact measurement

Deploying a digital based monitoring and evaluation tool,  designed with and for the women and their communities, we use our time with communities to facilitate learning about their own impact and changes. Seeking to transform communities takes Information, Courage and most of all Human Sensitivity to develop trust and value shifts. We monitor for Women's role shifts, decision making inclusion, economic uplift, education uplift for children, health and environmental impact.