A dynamic curriculum delivered in partnership with other NGOs

Responsive to the needs raised by grass roots women themselves

 Supporting women's aspirations to transform their communities, our ENRICHE Curriculum provides trainees the unique opportunity to develop their sense of agency and gain essential skills and knowledge. ENRICHE is has a curated content which works in partnership with indigenous and local NGOs. Offering workshops in areas such as women's reproductive health, self awareness, financial inclusion, micro-enterprise, literacy, sustainable living awareness, women's legal rights, and income generation capacity building. 

Every Barefoot Woman is trained to train others, she is taught to share her knowledge with as many in her community as possible. Integrating digital tools and literacy to expand her abilities and her ability to share her knowledge with others.

For women who have been denied a formal education opportunity, the ENRICHE curriculum places a democratic learning environment, free form barriers and inclusive of her many existing skills and wisdom, before her.