I have had the opportunity to know and work with the most extraordinary and innovative, resilient and impressive grass roots staff are today, the Barefoot College Solar section. They have nurtured and cared for more than 13 classes of Barefoot Women Solar Engineers from around the world with grace, dignity and limitless patience. 

They ceaselessly approach each new challenge in this growing organisation with enthusiasm and joy. It is a constant source of inspiration and energy for me.

Their leader and the man who has in fact designed the technology we use to train illiterate women on, is Bagwat Nandan, lovingly known as "Guru-Ji" by the barefoot College Family, hundreds of Barefoot Solar mammas and thousands of visitors to Barefoot College every year. 

He is a teacher, a confident, a mentor, a friend and an extraordinary human being. Any growth or expansion that the Barefoot College has made around the world has been born of his energy, and his guidance from an office in a small Rajasthani village, where he sits daily on the floor- nurturing a bright and energetic indian team and guiding those of us "outsiders' who have come to learn, relearn and un learn........

As we embark on the opening of the 5 Sub-Saharan Africa Regional Vocational Training Centres, we recognise the Master Trainers of Barefoot College and Guru Ji for having done what many had said was impossible; transfer high technology to the poorest of the poor and create a transformation so profound, it changes the world... one woman at a time.

Meagan Fallone, CEO, Barefoot College International